Phil Williams

Word Order in English Sentences

Порядок слов в английских предложениях

Want to know what subject-verb-object REALLY means?

Unsure about where to place your adverbs? Need to rearrange sentences confidently?

This is the book for you.

complete foundation in word order and sentence structure for the English language, Word Order in English Sentences can be used both for reference and as a full self-study guide. From basic rules through to the many considerations of adverbial phrases, prepositions and complex sentences, with exercises in between, this grammar guide contains everything you need for a strong understanding of how sentences are put together. The rules and patterns for forming and reforming phrases and sentences are all presented with easy-to-follow explanations, clear examples and exercises to test understanding.

With his engaging style, Phil Williams takes you beyond the basics, making flexible and advanced English accessible to all — try it today